Not a dancer? Perfect! 


SRSLY tho, this is not a pro dance class, it's the most fun group FITNESS class you've ever taken! Don't worry...there aren't any dances you need to learn or any steps to know.  If you can do a jumping jack, you can dance with us and you can always modify our HIT moves.

Still not sure?  Try starting out with our Sculpt class!


Do you offer virtual classes? 

You know it!  We now offer 30 min classes On Demand through our "WERK from Home" subscription on Vimeo!  Now you can sweat at home with us with little to no equipment 24/7 and even try one of our speciality "quickie" 10 min workouts, kids fit classes and partner workouts.  Check out our "On Demand" page for more info.

Where is the studio? 


We are a startup teaching our classes in Madisonville at The Seven Hills School Field House Private Studio with pop up classes happening all over Cincy. 

The Field House Private Studio is located at 5528 Bufler Lane, in Madisonville right off of Red Bank Road. 


What should I wear? 


We recommend a great pair of running shoes because of the HIT intervals and whatever athleisure makes you feel your best.

What should I bring? 

A bottle of water or hydration bevy of choice. And your bestie cuz dance parties are always more fun with friends!

Need to cancel? 

If you can no longer make your scheduled class, please cancel within 2 hours of the start of class on our website or the MindBody app.  That way we can give your spot to someone else.  

How much is a class? 


We offer a BOGO for first time clients and class packages from single classes to 20 class packs. Your class package is good for both Dance Cardio and Sculpt classes. 

Can I drop in to a class? 


We LOVE that last minute you decide to come workout with us but, we cannot guarantee a spot in class for you unless you sign up ahead of time. Pro tip: download the MindBody app and search for "Dance Factory Fitness" for easy booking. 

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